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LAUNCH - Kickstarter campaign
with Impact Partner Global Health Film

UNCONQUERED: Goražde - City of Heroes

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my first ever Kickstarter campaign for my feature documentary film UNCONQUERED: Goražde – City of Heroes. This July marked 30 years since I first went to Bosnia and heard of the town of Goražde, as it was just starting its incredible struggle to survive the three-and-half year long war and siege. And it’s why I thought it would be the perfect time to launch this campaign.

On July 26th our Impact partners Global Health Film hosted the event which featured yet-to-be released clips from the film with a Q&A with co-producer Senad Slatina in Sarajevo and moderated by humanitarian and conflict adviser Ben Pickering. Over 100 people attended from all corners of the globe, from Auckland to Athens, Lima to Las Vegas as well as locations all over Europe and the UK. It was incredible to receive so much support from friends and colleagues from so far and wide. 

We covered a wide range of topics from why this film is so relevant now to hearing from Senad about some of the people he has been talking to on his last research trip in mid-July. You can listen to the Q&A session by clicking on the button below. Ironically, the internet in Kent - my location - is far worse than Sarajevo, where Senad was dialling in from! But the audio is crystal clear so the discussion can be heard in full. 

Once again current events in the last few days are eerie echoes of so many aspects of the Goražde story. News outlets and journalists reported of tensions in Kosovo , which although centre on disputes which sound trivial – car number plates for visiting Serbs – brought people out onto the streets to man roadblocks and reports of gunfire, so very similar to events in Goražde in the early months of 1992. Yet there is one big difference in these recent events and the reaction from the international community. KFOR, the NATO-led Kosovo force is already in the region and immediately issued a statement  saying “KFOR is prepared to intervene…”

One of the key events this film will be portraying is the dramatic ‘will-they-wont-they’ NATO action in April 1994.  At that time, the fate of the town was really hanging in the balance yet there was no international consensus. In this film we will be probing our sources and contributors to reveal why.

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