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"The Minova Rape Trial" nominated for RTS Journalism awards

The Minova Rape Trial for BBC Newsnight was nominated for Royal Television Society Journalism Awards as Best Independent.

Eastern Congo is synonymous with impunity, yet it seemed in 2014 that this might change. Fiona returned there after mass rape was perpetrated by Government soldiers in the market town of Minova. Her film ‘Ordered to Rape’ included interviews with soldiers who talked to her candidly about why committing these crimes. When the trial started in November 2013 Fiona gained a second commission from BBC Newsnight to follow the trial. None of the soldiers she had filmed testifying to rape were accused or stood trial.

Over 1000 victims of rape and looting were recorded and 39 soldiers and officers were tried including 5 senior officers. When the trial started 40 men were accused of war crimes, including rape. But by the conclusion in May 2014 only two accused of rape as a war crime were found guilty and 18 other soldiers were found guilty of looting. All of the 5 senior officers were cleared.

This film with extraordinary access to the court, follows a female prosecutor, a psychologist and witnesses, the behind the scenes as well as inside the court room.

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