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We've been nominated for an RTS Award!

Image: RTS

We're delighted to announce that The Grave has been nominated for the Current Affairs - International category of the RTS Television Journalism Awards 2024. The award ceremony will be held at the London Hilton on Park Lane on 28 February. Also nominated for the category are Inside Russia: Traitors & Heroes (Storyville BBC World Service for BBC Four) and Rescue Mission Gaza (Witness Al Jazeera English). See details of all nominations here.

Since The Grave was broadcast last November on ITV1 as part of their Exposure strand, Gwara Media - with whom we worked very closely on the film - have hosted a screening of The Grave in Kharkiv. While contributors were very sadly not able to attend, the event attracted local officials and journalists.

Images: Ivan Samoilov (Gwara Media)

While we're thrilled that The Grave is being recognised and appreciated, our joy is permeated by knowledge of the dire predicament in which the people of Ukraine find themselves. Barring a miracle, by the time of the award ceremony, the full-scale invasion of Ukraine will have passed the grim milestone of two years. As news cycles move on and the governments of Ukraine's western allies become waylaid, the message of The Grave and other films like it becomes only more salient. In the words of The Grave's Assistant Producer and Camera Operator Oleksii Yeroshenko:

"I want the international community to see that war is not just news headlines, numbers and facts. It is the stories of millions of people... I believe that it is information that shapes the world. How we record and perceive history affects its course. In today's postmodern world, it is customary to talk about the "ambiguity" of events. What I have seen and heard makes me understand that some things are really black and white, that evil does exist. I want people to see the war as we see it, to hear these stories and share them, so that as many people as possible understood the essence of this evil and are not indifferent."


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